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Just wanted to let you know a little about a person lost out here in cyberspace. As you suggested, I have searched through your database. I will be reading all I can from your site and passing the info on to all I encounter. Thank you. Thank you so much, but for a few moments of your time, my world has been so greatly expanded
K. Walker

Inkwell Newswatch, the flag ship publication of your site, published my first article in May, 2006 in a three part series. By the end of 2007, I will have some 100 published stories in my portfolio. You gave me the confidence to continue. My life is so fulfilled, as well as filled, as a consequence.

Thanks for providing the writing community with the latest and greatest compelling information!
Connie Werner Reichert

Congratulations!!! I was so excited to read that you made 101 on my Writers' Digest news letter. I knew your site was the best site.

When it comes to completeness, support on almost an individual hand-holding basis and overall writer values, Freelance Writing Organization should be on the very top of the list. Of all the years I've availed myself of help from writers groups found in Writer's Digest and on their website, none can come close to these folks.
Larry Purcell, A Writer's Digest Subscriber

Your May issue was outstanding!

Thank you very much for your excellent email - it is quite comprehensive and clear. And I'm so grateful for the very valuable materials you've gifted - indeed they will be very useful in my work in the future.
Jagadindra Sen

You have a wonderful site. I've mentioned it to several of my author friends. Also, I would like to contribute with some articles down the road to your magazine.
Marta S.

Just want to offer kudos on your site and tell you that you are doing a wonderful job. I pitched Becoming Family Magazine that I only found here. It is an area of specialization for me and had I not belonged to this site, I might not have ever found it. Keep up the good work.
John Wilder

I always look forward, with much interest, on receiving your news and get plenty out of it. I especially liked the link to the Molecular Expression. Makes you realise where you are in the scheme of things.

This website offers a great place for writers of all kinds to meet and discuss their work.
Nigel E.

The personnel are friendly and helpful, and I've great experiences with FWOINTL every single time.
Sami Thompson

Good information, good people and good encouragement for writers.
B. Parker

As an e-publisher and writer I have found the Freelance Writing Organization to be extremely helpful and packed full of resources that not just writers, but also e-publishers can ultilize when seeking pertinent information on the industry and I highly recommend this site.
T. Balmer

I have learned more from your email postings, than I ever could have in my Non-fiction writer's course, and I received a highest honors diploma from that! Keep doing what you're doing, and May God Richly Bless You.
D. Little

You provide very good leads and current industry news, as well as opportunities for newbies to publish how-to's in the writing field.
N. Thomsen

I have found this site to contain information that is both interesting and useful. The best thing is the obvious passion and sheer enthusiasm for the world of writing that the site manifests.When you tap into the site this great passion rubs off on you and you get the very warm feeling of linking with a global fraternity with whom you can confidently share your interests and concerns as a writer.
K. Balaraman

Over the years our site has admirably provided thousands of users with exemplary writing resources at no charge. We have had our fair share of triumphs, some of which have been of our own making and some achieved by our members through the use of our free services. Below are a few of the emails we have received in the past regarding our system.

"This is a great information place. I love this site! It's such a good resource for the people who take my ezine and show in my gallery. Being a writer myself I love the resources. Keep on keeping on. Judi Singleton, Editor of Creative Imagination"

"A good place to start. As a budding new writer, I appreciate the links and info which I can access through your site without having to pay. It has a good outlay and is user friendly. It has provided me with a good start and enthused me to stop thinking and start writing."

"Another great writing source!! Rowdy Rhodes is doing an excellent job of offering yet another valuable resource for those of us in the freelance marketing game... Bravo !! "

"Excellent site! Very good place for freelancers, especially since it's free. Most new freelancers cannot afford to pay for access to sites like this. Good articles and links. "

"Just a word from the UK to say thanks for the great range of topics for writers of all genres and levels. Always something of interest, plus a few laughs - thanks!"
Dianne R

"Thank you so much for providing such useful content for writers on the Internet. Great work!"
Bev Walton~Porter, Editor of Scribe & Quill

"I am a freelance sports writer and I always look on the Internet to get ideas. In one of your paying markets section, I found Irish American Post. They were looking for some articles or interviews. I was paid 25US$ for the article, which was fine by me because after many years of freelance writing, that went back from 1992, this was the first time I had ever gotten paid for my work and it felt great!"
Jo Ann Lawery

"FWO-Int'l's resources are top-notch and second to none. You can find anything and everything you need in their web links database, plus their weekly newsletter is packed with tons of helpful information for everyone - from the beginner freelance writer to the most skilled published author."

"I think it [your site] is a great and informative system for writers. Thanks for helping me out when the time came for my first book to be published."
Dr Suzanne Harris

"Thank you so much. You run a clean ship and I've added your link to our group. I'll also be making a donation soon."
Stacy Taylor

"Very good newsletter - I've just started receiving it, but it provides a lot of information that I didn't even know I needed."
Maggie Flynn

"Your comments and links about Norton's spam killer was a real eye-opener! Thanks! It verified what my guru- friends have been telling me for some time now. Although I've been satisfied with Norton's anti-virus protection (up until yesterday), I know my e-newsletters are not reaching all my organizational members. Keep up the good work."
Dick Servis

"Dear Admin, I recently utilized your email advertising program, promoting our Adapt Your Novel to Screenplay Form. I was very impressed with the number of clicks to our page -- last count was approximately a 20% response rate. Thank you, I will be using you again."
Ray - webmaster

"This is Acclivous. The new format looks great and I have added your new link to my community. Thank you for all the hard work you have put into your site to aid the many talented writers out there."

"Rowdy, thank you for all the info. You're doing a great job and keep the tips coming."
Sincerely, Dena

"Your web site is fantastic."
D. Aaron

"Rowdy-- I just spent some time exploring your site. It's terrific!"

"Hi Rowdy, Kudos on your great site, IMHO [in my humble opinion] it's set to be one of...if not the best writer sites online."

"Hi. Alisha-Dawn here. I like the new format, both in the website and the e-mail newsletter. A job well done. Thank you for all the helpful tips, not to mention the enjoyment I've received from reading some of the articles. Your hard work and dedication is appreciated." Sincerely Yours, Alisha-Dawn D.

"Looking Better all the Time! The FWO-INTL is growing extensively with its resources for writers and people interested in the field of publication. It's free, so there is no requirement for you to dig into your starving artist's pockets to pay someone's web hosting fees, but just remember they do need the occasional contribution."

"Great Site For Information And Opportunities! One of the few sites truly worth going to for support in the ongoing freelancing battle."

"A lot of chances... When I posted here, I received many offers from many authors who needed help. I love to write and I love to get money, especially from a web site that charges nothing. Thank you for everything."

"Simple and Informative. I like how easy it is to look around this site."

"Dear Rowdy,

I want to share one of the happiest moments of my life with you, because you have, unknowingly, been a part of it.

Yesterday, I received a message from the Editor of a professional magazine, published from USA, that he is raising an invoice for an article (on AutoCAD) I authored. It will be published in the April issue of the magazine. This was the moment I had been struggling to see for the last couple of years.

I am not sure if contractual obligations allow me to announce this before the article is published. I can, however, hardly wait till that time to tell you.

As I sit down and look back in retrospect, I see volunteering for FWO-Intl (albeit for a very short period) as one of the important milestones. Working with you, in my early days on the net, I got the confidence that I can work with foreigners.

At this moment of my personal joy, through this personal message, I want to express my gratitude towards you. At every moment of truth, this fact will always be at the back of my mind.

I always keep on hoping that I would be able to do at least short volunteering stints, at regular intervals, with you sometime in near future.

Thanks again."
Sanjay K

"Pleasantly surprised to say the least. Wow! This site is awesome. I am a poor freelance writer and having the ability to search for just about anything I need for free is just wonderful. Please keep up the good work and continue to grow. The possibilities generated here are endless."

"Hi Rowdy. I truly enjoy your info. Not only are you informative, but you rate high on my scale for working with befuddled subscribers like me ... :)
Keep up the good work."
JoAnn T

"Hi Rowdy. The new format looks great and I have added your new link to my community. Thank you for all the hard work you have put into your site to aid the many talented writers out there.

There is just so much talent within our midst that doesn't get recognized because they just don't get support on the ground level and assisted support on the way up the ladder to success.

My belief is that 'we only get to keep what we freely give away' this is what will touch the lives of others and live on beyond our moments. I do thank you personally for the time and effort that your site has commanded and may your rewards of heart be great.

Thank you again."
Writing With Mighty Paucity

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