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Advertising Information Page

We suggest that you sign up to our site and take a look at what we offer. You can always unsubscribe later. Should you wish to contact us to discuss advertising rates we would be happy to open a dialogue with you and answer your questions.

Web Page Advertising:

Our system offers a variety of targeted, effective and inexpensive forms of advertising. Our Banner Advertising, which is located on each and every page of our web site, works hard for you to bring in the traffic and revenues you need. We also have excellent Site Ads in our banner rotator, upon our writing links and resources database menu and within the database itself.

Email Advertising:

Writer's Site News! (WSN) - is a weekly text mailing to all of our members and you can have a text ad inserted into WSN in various locations. For text insertions we have a variety of sizes that range from 50 Word/300 Character ads to 100 Word/638 Character ads.

Solo Email Advertising:

We offer a direct solo mailing service (no we do not release the list to you) whereby you provide us with the HTML/text advertisement of your choice and we will deliver it directly to all of our double opt-in membership. This service also provides extraction capability to create specific targeted lists. Extractions are based upon collected general demographics (such as country, state, city, etc.) when our members sign up.

Blog Archive Front Page Advertising:

Our Blog Archive contains every mailing we have ever sent to our users. For new users joining our site this is where they go to get caught up on past mailings. For existing members it is a point of reference where they can back track to special offers or news that we presented in our newsletter. This archive has been online since 2001 and is extremely comprehensive with myriad of writing and site information. Purchase also provides you with an additional advertisement in our newsletter's editorial section.

Please Note: We can make almost any spot available, so don't hesitate to ask. You can reach us at our Help Desk and use one of the above titles as the subject line so we know what you're interested in discussing or feel free to give our office a call at (416) 466-6943 and ask for Rowdy Rhodes.

Quick Media Kit Information

Demographic overview:

All of our members are double opt-in subscribers with interests in writing, publishing and literature.

90% of our members are located in North America, 10% primarily in the U.K., Australia and India, a little over 1/2 are female, college/university educated, income around $30,000.00/year, married with children, currently employed.

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