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You can have your own blog listed here no charge. Please note that we prefer blogs that deal with writing, not about your personal lives, puppies, children or pet peeves. If you are an author, journalist, editor, publisher, educator, writing resource provider, and/or provide news about the writing industry your blog submission is most welcome here. An informative, interactive blog for our readers to explore and learn about the craft of writing will catch our attention more than personal "dear diary" entries.

If you want your blog listed email us [ subject Blog Listing Submission] and send us the name of the blog, the url and a single line description (We reserve the right to edit if you're too wordy in your description, so keep it brief -- 80 characters/10-15 words).

If you find a dead link, or a blog that hasn't been written in in over a year, please let us know. If you would like to be added to our listing, please note that we do require you to link back to us using the words Thousands of Free Writing Resources and the url


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Writing for the Web
Crawford Kilian's blog of the Online Writing Program at Centennial College.

A Library Writer's Blog
Helps librarians identify publishing opportunities in library and information science.

The Writers Blog Alliance - News
Helps writers network and market their work through the blogging medium.

Writer's Blog
From caves to cyberspace the need to communicate remains constant, the medium doesn't.

Writers Block Live
Where Books Get Written Before Your Eyes. Post your own and get started today.

Paperback Writer
Advice, debates, ramblings, top tens and general 'how-to' writing information by Lynn Viehl.

Words Have Power
Provides ideas on how to improve your online business and learn to effectively communicate.

Michel Fortin's The Copywriters Blog
Copywriting tips, news, helpful critiques and articles by direct response copywriters.

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